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Founded in 1993, Archimation has grown to provide award-winning commissions worldwide for leading architecture, engineering, property development and marketing firms, allowing our clients to profit from informed decisions and effective presentations.

Our record of client satisfaction, measured by successful project delivery and repeat business generation, demonstrates a quality of service and dependability that places us among the leaders in our field.

We provide products and services for both analog and digital media, ranging from printed images and brochures, to movies, to websites, to virtual environments. In a world of facts and figures, Archimation’s vision helps you succeed. Please click the envelope in the upper right corner for a pdf company profile of Archimation.

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Over 20 years of excellence in visualisation

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You can reach us on +49 (30) 886 79 555 or mobile +49 (175) 406 74 73

Archimation   Grimmstrasse 27   10967 Berlin  Germany   berlin [at] archimation [dot] com